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Corporate Team Building Exercises:

Chef Neil Wilson's Recipe for Success, a group cooking experience for corporate training or social events, brings business people together in a fun, casual and different way. Coworkers are divided into groups that each prepare an assigned recipe for one dish - an hors d`oeuvre, vegetable, or entree, for instance. Chef Neil, a professionally trained personal chef, offers tips and encouragement.

At the end, the groups serve their dishes at a shared celebratory meal. Neil's outgoing personality adds color to the experience as co-workers collaborate in new ways and get to know each other in a setting unlike the office. In the kitchen, office mates find they must be interdependent to respond to quickly changing situations.

Recipe for Success, used by corporations in the Washington-Baltimore area, may be a form of entertaining or rewarding employees, helping them get acquainted with clients or business partners, or celebrating occasions. Chef Neil creates customized events to meet the specific goals of each business.


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